Traditional cast stone techniques – known as Scagliola – have been used for hundreds of years to build, sculpt and emulate the beauty and look of natural quarried stone. The process eliminates the imperfections inherent in quarried stone, allowing precision and detail in sculpting.

The exceptional quality modern cast stone developed by Tartaruga Design looks and feels like carved natural stone, but with higher performance characteristics than quarried stone.

Cast stone is essentially reconstituted stone, a mix of high-quality powdered stone and a cement binder. The resulting material resembles natural stone in look and feel. Our cast stone offers higher performance than quarried stone, higher compressive strengths, and higher tensile strengths than limestone.

In exterior applications, cast stone acquires a natural weathering, aging and patina just like quarried stone. These patinated finishes can also be replicated on our mantels and hoods to match the desired design.

The benefits of cast stone for architectural and decorative details include:

  • High compressive strength: stronger than natural quarried stone.
  • Similar look and overall performance to natural stone.
  • Naturally-occurring colours, veining, textures, weathering and finishes can be replicated.
  • Versatile – can be used in a variety of structural features
  • All pieces are internally reinforced which allows for thinner overall sections. This reduces weight while increasing the strength and durability over that of natural stone. Large scale pieces can be created with less engineering required .
  • Fittings and hoisting points can be integrated at point of manufacture.
  • Thirty years of research and development has made our cast stone one of the most environmentally responsible in the industry. Our proprietary mix design includes pozzolans derived from recycled glass which enhances the mechanical and durability properties of the final product
  • Mantels and overmantels are shipped in sections and can be assembled onsite by your own team with our technical support. Alternatively, we can provide complete delivery and installation globally.

Having studied stone carving and Scagliola in Europe, Tartaruga’s founder Luca Savazzi redefined the ultimate historical stone casting medium.

The centuries-old process involves meticulous hand working of the purest high-strength cements with carefully chosen powdered stone and natural pigments to create Tartaruga Cortina Stone™.

Our hand casting process was developed to be historically correct in its surface texture, coloration, and patination, perfectly complementing the ultimate mantelpiece collection.

Touch is everything. Feel the quality of our Cortina Stone™ in our exclusive finishes in the comfort of your own home – request your stone sample kit here.

Cast stone mantels, while manufactured, are still a natural stone product, and will age and weather gracefully. The patina that grows with age and use is part of the appeal of a stone fireplace surround. Regular dusting, and occasional light cleaning with a soft brush and water (or a minimal amount of gentle detergent) is all that is required.

Many clients prefer to leave their new mantels to age naturally through use and the natural colorations created by burning wood in their open fireplaces.

For information on cleaning any of our mantels with our exclusive finishes and patinas, please contact us.