Benefits of a Stone Fireplace Mantel

When you are looking to install a fireplace mantel or replace an existing mantel, you must first decide on the type of mantel you want. You could choose traditional brick, but that limits your selection of styles. You can choose the color of the brick, but a brick fireplace looks very similar to any other brick fireplace when installed. Stone fireplaces offer an elegant, attractive option with a large variety of styles to match any home. They also offer other safety and realty benefits that other mantels may not match.

Enjoy a Variety of Styles

Choosing a stone mantel means an elegant style that complements your home’s décor. If your home has an elegant country look or opulent furnishings, the style varieties of a stone mantel can match it. You can choose from one of the following types of stone fireplace mantels.


This style is similar to brick mantels in that they involve a set of stones set in mortar. The stones can be roughly cut to create a sundry, rustic look, or they can be cut into equal pieces and placed symmetrically in order to give a more sophisticated look. These mantels are smoother and fancier, and easier to keep clean than traditional brick.

Carved Stone

Carved stone is the most expensive option, but it is the best available to match classical styles. The mantel is generally made from limestone or marble, though other forms of stone are sometimes used. These mantels have carvings and designs within the stone for a clean-cut, refined look.

Cast Stone

This particular design is usually cheaper and lightweight, but just as elegant as carved stone. It is made from a blend of man-made limestone placed in a mold, which gives you the look of hand-carved stone in the most accessible and affordable way possible.

Add Safety and Real Estate Value to Your Home

Stone mantels are the safest and most durable fireplaces on the market. You can be sure they won’t crumble or splinter like mantels made out of other materials are likely to do. They also add a significant amount of value to your home. Fireplaces are a hot commodity (no pun intended) when it comes to purchasing a home. Stone mantels create an elegant, polished look around your fireplace because they are easy to keep clean, and their carvings and smooth finish complement any mantelpieces and décor.

A stone fireplace will add that touch of elegance that other fireplaces try to mimic. If you are looking for a way to install or spruce up your fireplace, consider installing a specially crafted stone mantel.