A 17th century French inspired large-scale piece. The frieze shelf is classically profiled accentuating the generously scaled frieze. Deep, substantially proportioned corbels with simple Gothic detail transition smoothly to the large frieze, with it’s focal point being the gracefully sculpted Fleur De Lis motif. The Fleur De Lis is generally associated with French heraldry, gaining wide use in the 12th Century by the French King Philippe II (1180-1214), and likely earlier by his father Louis VII (1137-80). Historically, its origins can be traced back to many ancient civilizations. Examples of the Fleur de Lis can be seen four thousand years earlier in Assyrian bas-reliefs.

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Dimensions: W 90″ x H 78 3/4″

FIREBOX: W 61″ x H 58 1/2″

Adjustable in width and height