This imposing masterpiece has been installed in grand spaces all over North America. The lower mantel alone is an imposing, deep mantelpiece. with exceptional strap carving and detailing.

The trefoil pilaster and capital shape are inspired by the European Decorated style with exceptional strap carving and detailing on the frieze.

Beyond the mantel itself is the massive overmantel with it’s rich carving and elegant bell shaped secondary pediment and final deeply carved detailing surrounding the filled center oculus that towers 20 feet tall. iThe Devon mantel is a sculptural focal point for even the grandest scaled spaces. Can be adjusted in width and height by removing or adding sections.

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Dimensions: W 115 7/8″ x 71 3/4″

FIREBOX: W 86 1/2″ X 48 1/4″

Adjustable in width and height