Elegantly proportioned Regency/Rococo-style mantel. The details of both the mantel and optional overmantel are stylistically typical of the Regency period ( from the high Classical period of Louis XIV, culminating in the construction of Versailles and the Rococo-style of Louis XV). A serpentine shelf lays over a paneled frieze centered by a bluebell and acanthus- adorned cartouche. Bordering the cartouche is acanthus and floral decoration. The endblocks are carved with acanthus foliage over graciously scrolled side consoles.

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Dimensions: W 65 3/4″ (*72) x H 46″ (*50 1/2″)

FIREBOX: W 38 1/2″ (*44 1/2″) x H 33 5/8″ (*38″)

Adjustable in width and height