Tartaruga Design has been specialising in custom cast stone fireplace mantels, overmantels, kitchen hoods, and architectural details since 1995. In the decades since, we have refined our custom design and creation process to mirror the techniques of the great master sculptors, with the added benefits of modern materials and state-of-the-art carving techniques.

This includes our unique custom-made CNC machine, designed and built by Luca Savazzi. Our expertise in engineering, design, and production processes means that any artistic vision can become a reality.

A Tartaruga Design custom creation is an architectural and artistic complement to your home. You’ll appreciate the artist’s hand at work in every line and flourish, and the passion of founder Luca Savazzi imbued in every piece.

Each custom-designed mantelpiece or kitchen hood is completed in one of our two facilities in Canada by our in-house artisans.

Here’s how we do it.

A customer presents us with a drawing, sketch, inspiration photo, an idea, or full architectural CAD drawings, etc. Our team will review the information to clarify exactly what can be achieved for the client including budgetary figures and timeframe. At this stage we make recommendations to assist in design and materials choices that will make the project as beautiful and cost effective as possible, recommending standard product where possible to make the most of the client’s resources and design. Once we have clarified what exact deliverables the client wants, we can move into the next phase.

We will create a formal shop drawing for the client’s approval.  This phase may include sketches in order to further clarify the architectural profiles or to hone in to further detail on the sculptural aspects of the project design. Engineering issues and fastening details can be discussed at his time and the design may be modified until it clearly achieves the client’s goals in the most efficient way possible.

In some cases, we will create a 3D model once the client has approved the shop drawings in order to further develop the exact sculptural design.  With a 3D model the client can view and approve the exact nature of the sculpting by viewing and even rotating the model from the comfort of their home or office. By developing a 3D model we can make changes very cost effectively and save the time and cost of making changes on hand-made components once they have been completed.

The original piece, which is used to produce the mold, is now modelled using the most efficient method possible. As we are deeply rooted in art and engineering, we have embraced the latest methods of 3D modelling. We have invested heavily in custom CNC equipment. This advantage alleviates the more burdensome aspects of sculpting and allows the artist the time and creative freedom to work on the artistic sculpting of the original piece.

Certain critical non-artistic parts of the original piece require the precision only CNC equipment can offer. Once the base geometries are created by our efficient and precise CNC equipment, we can begin the real fun part and hand sculpt the original piece to your exact requirements. All of our sculptural pieces are hand finished by one of our Sculptors at some point. This gives your final piece the look that only hand sculpting can achieve, giving you the most precise, cost effective, and timely project possible.

The final piece is created using the hand sculpted master model. This process varies depending on the nature and finish chosen for the final piece. Regardless, each piece is completed in one of our two facilities in Canada by our in-house artisans. Every inch of each piece is also hand finished to complete the process and deliver a unique hand-made architectural ornament. 

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