Ordering, Manufacturing, Delivery & Installation

How to order your Tartaruga cast stone masterpiece!

Expert installation

We have a network of experienced installers around North America and Europe to help speed up the installation process. Most of our customers hire a professional stone installer that we recommend using our Installer Referral service. All our installers are trained and experienced at installing custom stone fireplace mantels and kitchen hoods.

If you choose to manage your own installation, that’s no problem. You or your contractor can call us at any time for technical assistance.

Take a photo!

Please don’t hesitate to send us photos of your pieces once your installation is complete. Seeing our work being enjoyed by customers in their own homes gives our artisans a sense of purpose and completion.

If you choose to share images of your new fireplace mantel or extractor hood on social media, don’t forget to tag and follow us!

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These images often inspire other clients to make their mantels magnificent too!


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