Our exclusive Cortina Stone™ options offer you a superb selection of cast stone finishes for your new fireplace mantel or kitchen hood.

Inspired by techniques used for centuries and enhanced by modern materials, each cast stone piece we create has its own unique characteristics. Detailed carving by our master sculptor enhances the individuality of each piece we create, before carefully hand-finishing to our exceptionally high standards.

Standard Cast Stone Finish


Refined over many years, our standard cast stone finish complements any interior with a subtle hint of Mediterranean sunshine. The rustic feel to each carving contrasts with the unique texture of the flat surfaces, for a fireplace that stimulates the senses of both sight and touch.

Upgraded Cast Stone Finishes

Our standard cast stone, upgraded and enhanced. Exceptional hand-finishing produces a choice of finishes, hues and textures for fireplaces surrounds, mantels and mantelpieces.

French Limestone-Upgrade

Inspired by the impressive châteaux of the Loire valley in France, our French limestone finish imbues our mantels with a soft warmth. Several stages of delicate hand-finishing produces a softer feel to the relief carvings, as if gently stroked by time.

Jerusalem Gold -Upgrade

Accents of buff and yellow lift the creamy base color to highlight both the carvings and the flat surfaces. With a smooth-honed texture that is delightful to the touch, this finish offers additional visual interest and the feel of an antique piece.

Indiana Grey-Upgrade

The same gentle texture of French Limestone, in a more contemporary grey color. This grey hue adds depth and drama to any carved relief design mantel or mantelpiece. Not all our inspiration comes from Europe; Indiana grey was inspired by the grey limestone prevalent in the state of Indiana, USA.

Charmot -Upgrade

Smoother to the touch, this variant of our French limestone has little or no pitting in the surface. Every sculptural detail is shown to its best, and the smooth texture is irresistible to the touch.

Premium Cast Stone Finishes

Our premium stones are the culmination of 30 years of research and practice in recreating the look and feel of historical European stonework. By combining casting techniques passed down by generations of artisans with modern techniques and materials, we can achieve the look, feel, and high levels of decorative detail of natural carved stone in our exclusive cast stone designs.

Botticino – Premium

Our unique premium stone, incomparable in its subtle variations of hues and textures. Six stages of intensive hand-working is required to achieve the exquisitely soft hand polished finish, with the texture of a natural travertine limestone. All the aesthetics of Italian travertine with the strength and durability of modern materials, for an impressive mantelpiece that will last a lifetime.

Giallo Rosso – Premium

Translating as “yellow red” this striking finish is both bold and eye-catching. Inspired by the Northern Italian cities of Vicenza and Verona where Giallo Rosso stone is used extensively in fine buildings, this cast stone version has a  hand polished finish that reflects its heritage.

Noce – Premium

Deep caramel brown with compelling veining, this finish always invites a closer look to appreciate its subtle variants and highlights. Based upon the Italian Travertino Noce limestone, this coffee-hued finish is hand polished for added impact.

Noce – Premium

Deep caramel brown with compelling veining, this finish always invites a closer look to appreciate its subtle variants and highlights. Based upon the Italian Travertino Noce limestone, this coffee-hued finish is hand polished for added impact.

Premium Cast Stone Finish with Patina

Patina is the distinguished mark of age; the accumulation of centuries of weathering and wear. Our patinated hand-cast stone selection has been created by studying and re-creating the aging process seen in historical European homes, châteaux, and buildings. Each patina has been developed to complement its associated cast stone type to stunning effect.

French Limestone with Patina – Upgrade

Our French limestone patina greatly enhances the texture and carved recesses of our stone mantelpieces and surrounds. This gives your unique Tartaruga creation the impression of antiquity and being smoothed by time.

Giallo Rosso with Patina – Premium

This finish recreates the romance and impassioned stone color of Juliet’s balcony in Verona, Italy. Hand-polishing and application of a black wax type of patina greatly enhances the detailing and depth on any piece you wish.

Botticino with Patina – Premium

This finish to our cast stone has the appearance of centuries of Mediterranean weathering, just as you see on the iconic palaces and churches of Venice, Italy. This finish brings carvings and profiles into relief for an authentic antique look and time-worn natural feel.

Touch is everything

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Custom-created finishes for your home or design project

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