Cast Stone Kitchen Hoods by Tartaruga Design

A unique collection of classically-inspired kitchen hoods to add an inspirational focal point for your kitchen. Our ornamental cast stone kitchen hoods are elegant, non-combustible, and extremely durable.

From a simple custom range hood, to a grand, sculptural statement piece, Tartaruga has a design to suit every kitchen.

Customize your Tartaruga hand-crafted hood with your choice of signature Cortina Stone™ finishes to complement your kitchen walls, cabinetry and stone flooring. Our cast stone range hoods are fully adjustable in terms of width, height and size of opening.

All Tartaruga Design cast stone kitchen hoods are non-combustible, and can be extended down to the level of the cooktop and countertop height without building code issues.

Need a unique kitchen fan hood for your kitchen?

Call our design team to discuss your specific requirements for a customized design to meet the needs of the most demanding chef.