Tartaruga Kitchen Hoods Room Gallery

Complete your dream kitchen design with an impressive cast stone kitchen range hood from Tartaruga. Browse our gallery to see how a hand-finished cast limestone kitchen hood adds elegance to your kitchen regardless of width, depth, or ceiling height. Cool, elegant and substantial, a Tartaruga cast stone non-combustible kitchen hood is impressive, practical and safe.

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Looking for the perfect focal point for your new kitchen design?

Call the Tartaruga Design team to discuss your specific kitchen hood ideas. Our kitchen hood designs can be customized to varying widths and heights to your exact requirements.

Argenteuil Kitchen Hood
Chantilly Kitchen Hood
ElleCourt Kitchen Hood
Grenview Kitchen Hood
Grenview Kitchen Hood
La Havre Kitchen Hood
Limeux Kitchen Hood
Limeux Kitchen Hood
Orleans Kitchen Hood
Tromel Kitchen Hood
St. Pierre Kitchen Hood