Ensuring Your Fireplace Mantel is Historically Accurate

Some of the most beautiful fireplace mantels are inspired by the architectural designs in countries such as Italy, England, and France. Having a historically authentic fireplace mantel can be just what you need to tie together your elegant living room decor. But how do you know if the mantel you are looking into purchasing is an accurate representation of the country and time period?

Make Sure Your Designers Have Done Their Homework

The only way for someone to become an expert on history is for them to immerse themselves in the subject. Likewise, if a fireplace mantel designer claims that his mantelpieces are historically accurate, he has probably been constantly researching, travelling, sketching, and observing. Make sure that researching is part of their designing process.

Do Your Homework

Anyone can claim to have done research, but how will you know they are telling the truth? The best way to be duped into purchasing a mantel that does not match a historical era is to have limited knowledge of the subject. If you want to ensure that your mantelpiece is an accurate historical representation, you need to research, observe, and travel if possible to get to know everything about the history there. If you know your architectural history, you will be able to know just by looking at the mantel design if it is accurate or not.

Compare the Mantel to the Style of Origin

If you have always had a fascination with Italian Renaissance period architecture, you will want your fireplace mantel to match structures that originated from both that country and that time period. You might want to research the Basilica of Sant’Agostino located in Rome. The exterior is relatively simple with a smooth, stone face, but there are elaborate features that stand out, such as the carved areas on the roof awnings. These carvings are lifted from the smooth face, drawing your attention. A fireplace mantel designed during this time period would have the same types of features, perhaps a smooth face with small, elaborate carvings. Become very familiar with the designs from your favorite historical eras to ensure that you get exactly the style you want.

The history of any fireplace mantel can have a significant impact on the look of any room. If both you and the designer have done your homework, you won’t be disappointed with your purchase.