You’ve heard the saying “The hearth is the heart of the home”. With a beautiful cast stone fireplace surround from Tartaruga Design, it’s also a statement piece for your home.

Classically inspired, elegant and impeccably executed, a Tartaruga Design fireplace mantel is a focal point for grand rooms as well as for more intimate spaces.

Your Tartaruga Design fireplace mantel is a piece of customized art that will bring warmth and elegance to your home, inviting both conversation and relaxation. Our custom cast stonework will be a highlight feature of your home, either as a complement to your room’s design, or a stand-out architectural statement,

Hand-created for the 21st century

Whether based on centuries-old artistry or contemporary designs, our work is brought to life with hand-crafted detail. Tartaruga specializes in combining old-world craftsmanship with state-of-the-art materials and tooling.

Do I need a large house to have a cast stone fireplace?

Not at all. All our designs can be adjusted to suit almost any size of home, from modernist condo to a grand country house, suburban family home to large executive estate. With a wide variety of cast stone types, finishes, and designs, all hand-finished, each piece is subtly unique.

You can also commission your own custom design that reflects your personality or family heritage. With the expert assistance of our design team, you’ll see it develop from your own rough-sketched ideas through clay and carving into a beautifully tactile work of art.

Seeing is believing

Our galleries show our mantels and overmantels in a wide variety of rooms and homes of differing architectural styles to help you envision the fireplace surround that will work best in your space.

Feel the difference

Request your Cortina Stone™ sample kit to feel the warmth, quality, and exclusive finishes available on our cast stone mantels, kitchen hoods, and custom pieces.

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