A Tartaruga Design cast stone mantelpiece and surround combines artistry and function, elegance and tradition, adding both visual impact and lifestyle value to historic homes, modern spaces and/or commercial venues.

Stunning pieces for discerning clients

Looking for a statement feature for a client’s new home or interior renovation that’s impressive, heraldic, elegant, timeless, unique – and personalized?

At Tartaruga Design, we design, create and deliver visually striking statement fireplaces surrounds for the most discerning clientele around the globe.

We create our unique custom-made fireplace mantels in partnership with:

  • national and international architects
  • influential interior designers
  • high-end commercial and residential developers
  • agents and creative directors for high net-worth clients and celebrities
  • restorers and renovators of historic properties

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Tartaruga Design has 30+ years of experience working on the most high-end residential projects in North America and abroad. That’s 30 years of materials expertise and process development to consistently bring you the highest quality products on the market.

We’re honored that Europeans have admired the sculptural integrity of our work, and we’ve crafted sculptural mantels for discerning European families from Germany to the United Kingdom.

Our master sculptor Luca Savazzi has sculpted unique reliefs and carvings for high net-worth clients and celebrities who wish to create a legacy item for their home, their corporate headquarters, or commercial properties.

Our founder Luca Savazzi is one part artist, with an educational background in mechanical engineering and architectural technology. This combination allows for a unique understanding of the technical nuances of architecture in addition to the artistry. His artistry and technical skillset ensures a smooth project with your builder and project team, resulting in a spectacular addition to your client’s home.

By combining digital design, traditional hand carving, and modern CNC router work we can create any 3D architectural detail imaginable. Hand detailing is employed as the final step in finishing each custom sculptural piece This creates a sense of depth and detail, capturing the beauty and appeal of old stonework.

The Tartaruga customer service team all have a background in either architecture, engineering, or architectural history. Precise technical drawings, and in some cases 3D models, can be provided to help your clients visualize the project, and your project team install with confidence.

Our cast stone fireplace mantels and overmantels are inspired by the hand-carved classical reliefs, friezes and carvings seen on the finest fireplaces of Europe. Created using both traditional cast stone methods and modern materials, each fireplace is hand-made by artisans creating a unique work of art.

Tartaruga’s Cortina Stone™ process combines the purest high strength cements with carefully chosen powdered stone and natural pigments to achieve an historically and aesthetically accurate texture, coloration and patination.

The same process is also used to create striking modern designs that reflect the growing interest in concrete as a desirable material in its own right, whether polished or rustic, coloured or natural.

Our team has decades of experience in helping design professionals provide their clients with an exceptional piece and a seamless process. After a detailed consultation on your requirements, our team will generate technical and design drawings to ensure a perfect match with your client’s design intent.

We ship our products worldwide fully insured; ask us for a quotation. We also offer delivery and installation if you require a turnkey stonework service.


Contact us to discuss your next home design, renovation, restoration, or commercial design project: