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Ensuring Your Fireplace Mantel is Historically Accurate

Some of the most beautiful fireplace mantels are inspired by the architectural designs in countries such as Italy, England, and France. Having a historically authentic fireplace mantel can be just what you need to tie together your elegant living room decor. But how do you know if the mantel you are looking into purchasing is an accurate representation of the country and time period?

Make Sure Your Designers Have Done Their Homework

The only way for someone to become an expert on history is for them to immerse themselves in the subject. Likewise, if a fireplace mantel designer claims that his mantelpieces are historically accurate, he has probably been constantly researching, travelling, sketching, and observing. Make sure that researching is part of their designing process.

Do Your Homework

Anyone can claim to have done research, but how will you know they are telling the truth? The best way to be duped into purchasing a mantel that does not match a historical era is to have limited knowledge of the subject. If you want to ensure that your mantelpiece is an accurate historical representation, you need to research, observe, and travel if possible to get to know everything about the history there. If you know your architectural history, you will be able to know just by looking at the mantel design if it is accurate or not.

Compare the Mantel to the Style of Origin

If you have always had a fascination with Italian Renaissance period architecture, you will want your fireplace mantel to match structures that originated from both that country and that time period. You might want to research the Basilica of Sant’Agostino located in Rome. The exterior is relatively simple with a smooth, stone face, but there are elaborate features that stand out, such as the carved areas on the roof awnings. These carvings are lifted from the smooth face, drawing your attention. A fireplace mantel designed during this time period would have the same types of features, perhaps a smooth face with small, elaborate carvings. Become very familiar with the designs from your favorite historical eras to ensure that you get exactly the style you want.

The history of any fireplace mantel can have a significant impact on the look of any room. If both you and the designer have done your homework, you won’t be disappointed with your purchase.

Tartaruga Design’s Unmatched Fireplace Mantel Designs

Tartaruga Design Inc. offers only the best with its hand-sculpted and historically accurate fireplace mantels. Founded in 1994, we at Tartaruga Design can boast twenty years of excellence. Our passion and expertise comes out in the artistic elements of each mantel we design. Your mantel of choice is sure to add sophistication to your home.

Meet the Experienced Designer

Tartaruga Design was founded by Italian-born Luca Savazzi. He has over 20 years of experience in sculpting bronze, stone, wood, and clay. His passion and attention to detail is what sets his work apart from others. He fell in love with the practice of hand-cast stone, and since then has devoted his work and passion to producing the finest quality mantels around. His love of travel and architecture has significantly influenced his hand-carved designs. Each of his mantel designs reflects the history he loves.

Historically Accurate Designs

The many styles and designs offered by Tartaruga Design are accurate and authentic representations of history. Luca Savazzi constantly travels, researches, and observes in order to bring you the most historically authentic designs possible. He has intensely studied the art and architecture of such historically beautiful countries as France, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Austria, and the United Kingdom. He observes, sketches, and takes photos to bring the knowledge he gains directly into his designs.

Featured Mantel Styles

Each mantel is made from the finest Cortina Stone finishes including classico, French limestone, Indiana grey, Jerusalem gold, noce, botticino, and many more. Tartaruga has also divided our collection of mantels into categories to assist your selection process. These categories are French mantel, English style, Italianate style, and contemporary style.

Great Customer Service and Simple Ordering

When you want to order a mantel from Tartaruga Design, simply decide on the style you want, submit your request, and you will receive a prompt quote which includes manufacturing, shipping, and installation. Once you’ve accepted our quote and paid the deposit agreed on, the manufacturing begins. You are involved in the process the whole time, approving designs and costs along the way. As soon as the mantel is finished, it ships directly to your door. Don’t worry about the mantel being damaged in shipping; Tartaruga has an impeccable delivery record.

 A fireplace is so much more than an item of convenience. It is a permanent piece of art that can enhance the style of any space. When you want to order your hand-crafted Tartaruga Design fireplace mantel, please contact us.

Choosing the Perfect Fireplace Mantel for Your Home

Hand-carved or cast stone fireplaces have long been known for their elegant look. You’ve decided that’s exactly what you need to match your home décor. But how do you choose what design you want? Perhaps you want something extremely elegant to match your opulent furnishings. Or maybe you want something simple to add elegance, but not to be the central attraction of the room. Either way, a great way to decide the style for your fireplace is to narrow it down to the style category you like most.

French Style

This design originated between 1820-1890. Significant architectural period styles during that time include French Classical, French Baroque/Rococo, French Renaissance, French Gothic/Norman, French Transitional, and French Country/Provincial. Fireplace mantels from this era are marked for their clean lines and intricate designs. The French style of mantels varies from brick inlay to intricate ornamental carvings of designs such as fleur de lis, coats of arms, leaf patterns, and much more. It is usually made with the finest French limestone.

English Style

This particular style can range between the 1500s and the late 1800s. The English style mantel is one that falls into such architectural period styles as English Regency, English Baroque, English Tudor, English Jacobean, and English Goth styles. These mantels are characterized as having feminine floral detailing that perfectly balances with their more masculine structure. This particular style can range from moderately simple shapes and carvings to elaborate carvings, shapes, and designs.

Italianate Style

This style dates back as early as the 14th century. Italianate, as the name suggests, originates from Italy. These fireplaces can be noted to fall into the periods of Italian Renaissance, Italian Traditional, and Italian Tuscan styles. While French and English styles tend to boast a blatant, lavish design, Italianate style takes a more subtle approach. The carvings are slight with more prominent structure, such as jutting pillars and lids.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary style pieces are just that—contemporary. They fit with the current trends and styles of the day, including simple classical profiling, transitional, and contemporary styles. The contemporary style of fireplace boasts clean lines and few engravings. It is popular to include a brick inlay overmantel and strong profiling for the frieze of the mantel.

 As you search for your perfect fireplace mantel, explore options that fall into the particular style category you most identified with above.

Benefits of a Stone Fireplace Mantel

When you are looking to install a fireplace mantel or replace an existing mantel, you must first decide on the type of mantel you want. You could choose traditional brick, but that limits your selection of styles. You can choose the color of the brick, but a brick fireplace looks very similar to any other brick fireplace when installed. Stone fireplaces offer an elegant, attractive option with a large variety of styles to match any home. They also offer other safety and realty benefits that other mantels may not match.

Enjoy a Variety of Styles

Choosing a stone mantel means an elegant style that complements your home’s décor. If your home has an elegant country look or opulent furnishings, the style varieties of a stone mantel can match it. You can choose from one of the following types of stone fireplace mantels.


This style is similar to brick mantels in that they involve a set of stones set in mortar. The stones can be roughly cut to create a sundry, rustic look, or they can be cut into equal pieces and placed symmetrically in order to give a more sophisticated look. These mantels are smoother and fancier, and easier to keep clean than traditional brick.

Carved Stone

Carved stone is the most expensive option, but it is the best available to match classical styles. The mantel is generally made from limestone or marble, though other forms of stone are sometimes used. These mantels have carvings and designs within the stone for a clean-cut, refined look.

Cast Stone

This particular design is usually cheaper and lightweight, but just as elegant as carved stone. It is made from a blend of man-made limestone placed in a mold, which gives you the look of hand-carved stone in the most accessible and affordable way possible.

Add Safety and Real Estate Value to Your Home

Stone mantels are the safest and most durable fireplaces on the market. You can be sure they won’t crumble or splinter like mantels made out of other materials are likely to do. They also add a significant amount of value to your home. Fireplaces are a hot commodity (no pun intended) when it comes to purchasing a home. Stone mantels create an elegant, polished look around your fireplace because they are easy to keep clean, and their carvings and smooth finish complement any mantelpieces and décor.

A stone fireplace will add that touch of elegance that other fireplaces try to mimic. If you are looking for a way to install or spruce up your fireplace, consider installing a specially crafted stone mantel.