About Tartaruga Design

 Passion and Expertise In Service Of Your Vision

“Passion has always been key to Tartaruga’s success: passion for our craft and passion for fulfilling our clients’ vision.”
Founder Luca Savazzi

Michelangelo, da Vinci, Bernini, and other old masters knew that creativity and innovation without skilled technique are merely ‘fanciful ideas’.

And skilled technique without inspiration and passion is nothing more than ‘competent production’.

It is only when creativity and passion are combined with technical expertise that something truly great and original emerges. The skill of the technicians was what allowed the masters to push themselves to designs that previously seemed impossible.

At Tartaruga Design, it is this marriage of artistic expression and skilled craftsmanship that drives our success and elevates your project.

Our History

Tartaruga Design was founded in 1995 by Italian-born sculptor Luca Savazzi. Luca has over 30 years of sculpting experience  and has travelled extensively to study the architectural and sculptural styles represented in his work.

Carefully researched and impeccably crafted, Tartaruga’s historically-accurate fireplace mantel and kitchen hood designs have become the industry’s benchmark for excellence.

As the industry leader, we have invested millions of dollars in equipment and technology that none of our competitors have. Computerized carving equipment custom-made by Tartaruga Design gives us the edge to complete your project more efficiently, creatively, and accurately than anyone else.

Tartaruga’s unparalleled reputation comes from decades of design excellence, dependable delivery, happy partnerships and very satisfied clients.

Exceptional service, including ongoing support from an in-house professional during the entire process, is just part of the Tartaruga experience. Our artisans and technicians are on hand every step of the way to help make your vision a reality. (Check out our custom design process here.)

Custom Stonework Project Excellence

Every Tartaruga Design project is completed on time and within budget including designing and sculpting of custom mantelpieces, architectural detailing, and commercial and residential interiors and exteriors.

Our competent in-house team has full experience in the fields of mechanical engineering, architectural technology, materials design, AutoCAD design, and architectural art history.

For more details or to discuss your stonework requirements:

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