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About Tartaruga Design

Passion and Expertise In Service Of Your Vision

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Tartaruga Design was founded in 1994 by Italian-born sculptor Luca Savazzi. Luca has over twenty years of experience sculpting in bronze, stone, wood and clay and has traveled extensively to study the architectural and sculptural styles represented in the Tartaruga Design catalogue. On an early trip to Italy Luca discovered the 400-year old practice of hand cast stone, called Scagliola. After Luca brought this Old World technique back to North America, Tartaruga’s artisans and technicians worked to perfect this time honored process, and to advance it through the use of state-of-the-art technology and enhanced materials for increased durability and beauty.

Carefully researched, impeccably crafted and locally produced, Tartaruga’s historically accurate fireplace mantel and kitchen hood designs have become the industry’s benchmark for value and excellence. This expertise has been honed over generations in the business. Tartaruga’s reputation in the industry comes from decades of fulfilled promises, happy partnerships and satisfied clients. Exceptional service, including ongoing support from an in-house professional during the entire process is part of the Tartaruga experience. Our artisans and technicians are on hand every step of the way to help make your vision a reality.

A Tartaruga mantelpiece is an architectural and artistic complement to your home. You will see the difference — the artist’s hand at work in every line and flourish, and the passion of founder Luca Savazzi imbued in every piece.

Passion has always been key to Tartaruga’s success. Passion for our craft and passion for fulfilling our client’s visions. —Luca Savazzi